Sunday, August 6, 2006

"사랑 안해"에 이런 의미가 있었나.

한글 Blogger 업데이트정보를 통해 필리핀 소녀가 쓴 Love Me Not by Baek Ji Young의 글과 뮤직비디오를 보다가 "resbians""lesbians"라는 단어가 눈에 띄어 관련 글이 있나 찾아 보았다.

네이버 지식iN에 노래가사에 대한 해석이 올라와 있고, 이 글이 "딱 우리 이야기"라는 제목으로 여기에도 올려져 있다. KBS 일일 시청자 주요의견 중 6월 17일자 연예오락부문에도 "프로그램 마지막에 가수 백지영씨의 「사랑 안해」 뮤직비디오가 소개되었다. 하지만 이 뮤직비디오는 동성애라는 파격적인 주제로 선정성 논란이 제기된 바 있다. 방송 후 나오는 뮤직비디오 선정에도 신중을 기해 주기 바란다."라고 시청자 의견으로 올라와 있다.

슬픈 두 여자의 사랑노래였나 이 글 뒤에 있는 의견 그대로 자기의 애틋한 마음과 애절한 마음을 표현한 노래인가.

가사가 조금은 난해하다는 것은 인정하지만, 즐겨듣는 노래로 듣자.


  1. hi, thanks for visiting my blog.
    i can read what u sid but i dont understand much :]


  2. Hi, Maureen.
    Thanks for visiting and posting a comment. :)

    As you like, I like this song, "Love Me Not" song by Baek Ji-Young but sometimes the lyric seems to be difficult to understand to me.
    At that time I found your post via Korean Blogger Update which site is shown Korean bloggers using filtered from Korean in their post. After reading your post, specially the word "lesbians", I searched the web by "사랑안해" and some posts were found.

    Posts in Web said the MV shall be restricted as showed lesbianism.
    "That's to me. The story, the lyric's for us." said a lesbian in cyber cafe, etc.

    Whatever, I like that song and the singer, Baek Ji-Young. She is came back and overcame the hard season.

    That's all. ^^

    Nowadays in Korea, "거리에서 On Street" song by Sung Si-Kyung is popular.
    I don't like Sung but song is good.
    Listen the song carefully after clicked below link.
    On Street

    Thanks again for visiting my blog.
    May be I think you like Korean singer or actors. Right? ^^

  3. Hello, thanks for explaining it to me, you see I can now read korean but I dont understand everything
    -___- yes i like k-pop and korean movies and dramas thats why :]

    i also like Baek Ji Young but just now when i first heard Love me not and eversince i'm a fan i do think she's a great dancer too but i wish she can sing more ballads coz i just love her voice :D and yes whatever the song or MV might portray i still love the song ^^

    I will definitely check the song you suggested as nowadays am too busy to even watch and i dont know now whats hot or not :]

    thanks again ^^

  4. I think so, maureen.
    I like her voice so I also hope she can sing more ballads.

    That's match point between us. ^^