Thursday, March 29, 2007

ThinkFree: Site Maintenance

다른 웹 서비스 회사의 점검 메시지보다 위트가 없다.


  1. 안녕 오라보니~

    잘지내서요? ^^
    I was just about to join me2day.. but the site says coming soon ]:

  2. Hi, Mauwy.

    Are you well.
    As you asked me about me2day, I asked the me2day developer that foreigner outside Korea can join me2day.

    To join me2day user shall have own OpenID. OpenID makes via
    Now me2day is still beta so users can join via invitation from me2day. Maybe me2day will open the end of April and you can join me2day at that time.

    Me2day is similar to twitter and for Korean service not for foreigner so you are difficult to use this service even if you are well knowing Korean. This service is very fun and some addictions caused.

    Nevertheless you want to join me2day I will inform to you when me2day is formally open.

    I hope you'd better concentrating on your study at this time. :)

    Always be happy.

  3. Thanks for those information ^^
    And great to know everything is fine over there.
    Summer vacation these days here so no classes yet, it started this april but I have to get summer classes to catch up on some subjects >.< and to enrool for all my minor subjects to be easier next year.

    Take Care [: