Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fwd: Twitter Balloon Site

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From: korelab <>
Date: 2008/7/17
Subject: Twitter Balloon Site
To: korelab <>

I am Twitter Balloon's author korelab.

I am sending this E-mail to the people who post the comment about Twitter Balloon in the past.

Let me introduce my new site.
In the site, you can introduce your Twitter Balloon and your blog.

Twitter Balloon

Please register, and publish your Twitter Balloon.

Registered Twitter Balloon can be edited back, it comes to be able to manage your Twitter Balloon. Moreover, it is possible to upload your image file.

When URL of your blog is input and Twitter Balloon is published, it becomes the advertisement of your site because the link to your blog is created in the site.

If you forgot the parameters of Twitter Balloon you have made in the past, visit the following URL and input URL of your site.

The parameters will be analyzed and displayed.

URL in tweet displayed in Twitter Balloon can be clickable.

Twitter Balloon를 만드신 분이 보내 준 편지

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