Tuesday, December 15, 2009

피드버너로 트위터에 글보내기

FeedBurner Socialize: Add Your Feed to Twitter: "Socialize uses Google's new URL shortener and it adds a parameter that helps you track Twitter traffic in Google Analytics.

My favorite thing about FeedBurner Socialize is that the tweet is posted immediately after I publish a blog post. That's because both FeedBurner and Blogger support PubSubHubbub, a protocol designed for near-instant notifications."
구글이 지원하는 짧은 주소 Shorten URLPubSubHubbub까지 되니 굳이 트위터로 글 보내기를  TwitterFeed로 쓸 일이 없구나. 더군다나 구글 어낼러틱스의 통계도 잡힌다.